Guide to Men: The intelligent/witty guy.

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"Taken to the extreme, the Intelligent/witty guy can use his intellect to be a complete asshole like House."

By Sparklingjem.
This guy is funny, interesting and knowledgeable. This is the type of guy who is great to take to parties because he can start a conversation with anyone, keep everyone entertained and have them still chuckling in the morning over something he said the night before.Unfortunately, this type of guy tends to be all talk and no bite and often loses out to the more action oriented types of men and is fast becoming extinct.

Becoming the intelligent/witty guy.
This is possibly the hardest of all the types to pull off since you actually have to be intelligent and witty or at least more so than the girls you are trying to impress. It is also important you stay away from other intelligent/witty guys who may expose any incorrect facts or challenge your carefully constructed opinions in order to make themselves look better.

 "Trip to the Museum"

Sparklingjem’s advice and tips!

Types of girls this guy is best for.
Interesting, semi-intelligent, funny girls. Girls that think they are British.

Guys who suit this role.
Intelligent guys only. Must have at least completed grade school.

Why he’s irresistible.
He makes conversation fun and interesting and we know how women love to talk. Plus he is going somewhere. This is the guy who is going to succeed in life and that is attractive.

What you should wear.
Items that show you are well cultured and traveled. Interesting hats, spectacles, cultural clothing and anything you'd expect to find in a Sherlock Holmes movie. Possibly a pipe to show creativity.

Where you should take her.
Anywhere interesting and different. Things like book launches or museums where you can impress her (and anyone nearby) with your vast knowledge and listen to the sound of your own voice.

Important tips.
You have to be a nice guy. While women can get away with being withering wits, in guys it is not attractive and will push you into the ‘probably gay’ category. You really have to be open and friendly. This is also important because, most likely, the intelligent/witty guy doesn’t have many other skills to depend on.

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