10 signs a guy is Definitely Not into you!

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The fact is, a guy will be willing to walk the extra mile for a girl he is into. For that reason there will be numerous signals and signs a guy is into you. Conversely, there are just as many signs that he is not into you that are not worth ignoring. Here are 10 more obvious signs he is not into you and can ditch you at any moment and vanish like a dead-beat dad.

1. He only calls at Booty Call hours.

At 11pm, the booty call time zone begins. Anything that happens in a guy's life after 11pm is orientated to fulfilling the carnal need to copulate. If a guy only calls you after 11:00pm (BCT) you are an after thought, a last ditch attempt to find a bed to sleep in after a tireless night of failure with numerous other women. You are the second string quarterback and you only get called up if the starter is severely injured or otherwise available. A guy will call you at a reasonable hour, so that it's possible to make plans that might take place anywhere other than in the sack if he is truly interested.

2. He introduces you as a friend to other women.
Most guys would rather burst into flames and be condemned to eternal hell fire than refer to a woman they are interested in as "a friend." The trauma is associated from years of use of the word by women to let guys down easy. Friend is a meaningful term to ladies so if he meets other ladies and makes sure to mention you are "his friend Kate" then he is basically putting a black bag over your head and telling the other women that he is free game, scouring the wilderness and available for capture.

3. He keeps forgetting your name. 
If you meet him more than twice and he can't remember your name, he is purging your name from his memory every time he meets you. Basically, his mind is pressing "Delete" then right clicking on "Recycling Bin," selecting "Empty Recycle bin" and eradicating you from memory to make space for other women that he is actually interested in.

4. He doesn't want to be seen with you in public.
Needless to say this is NOT good!
If a guy likes you, he will have no problem appearing with you in public, well lit, intoxication free situations where he may be required to introduce you to people he knows. If he avoids introducing you to people he knows, he is hoping to avoid the ridicule or damage that can occur as a result of association to you i.e he doesn't want people to think you are together. So if he only ever wants to hang out alone or in poorly lit, noisy places, frequently takes "short cuts," and he looks suspiciously around as if he stole something then you need to get the hint girl.

5. He is a NO-SHOW
When a guy is into you, he will show up to things that he believes that you think are important. There are no guys that enjoy Romantic Comedies or Sex And The City marathons and if they do, they probably have a crush on your best friend Greg and not you. The point is, he will come and fake being entertained because it will make you happy. This is a ritual reserved for women a guy actually cares about. If you are just the booty call girl, then there is no reason a sane man will subject himself to Sarah Jessica Parker for you.

6. He is always too busy to get together.
We are rarely too busy to see you. We are just doing something or seeing someone better. You will be surprised at the ability of a man's loins to manufacture free time! I will evidence this by mentioning an incident that took place a few years back where former NBA star Charles Barkley ran a stop sign. He was ultimately detained in the company of a woman that provided for him a sexual experience that he described as "the best one he'd ever had". That's a small example of the extent a guy may go to "making time" to see you.

7. He has to get wasted to see you.

When a guy has to be drunk to hang out with you, this is a dead give away. He likely needs alcohol to make you more attractive, to alleviate any guilt he feels, increase the chances of him forgetting it ever happened or so that he can have an excuse as to why he did it should anyone find out. So he can give his friends the, "Dude I was totally wasted last night. I don't even remember doing that." ~ he does. He is just not into you.

8. He treats you like part of "The Crowd."
If a guy is into you, he will create some way to make you the focus of a conversation. He will refer to you, glance at you, tease you etc. He may ignore you for brief spells then refocus on you but if you feel like a piece of furniture in a group of people and you are getting no attention at all from a guy then he probably is not into you. This is especially true if you talking to other men, which will always bring out the Baboon that lies deep within every male. He will be compelled to come and try and bark his opponent away thus marking his Territory.

9. He asks you for advice with other women.
It is very rare that a guy will ask a girl he is into for advice about the pursuit of other females. That kind of behavior is reserved for females we are really good, long friends with or siblings. So if he asks you about how he can get with another woman, he probably considers you as one of the aforementioned types of women. You will no doubt be impressed how hard he is trying for another woman, get jealous and try to steal him for yourself but it wont change the fact that he simply isn't into you.

10. He claims to be "emotionally unavailable"

Recently, men have found a new way to communicate with women which involves using the exact vocabulary women have used on men historically. It really is easier this way, rather than them telling the woman the cold harsh truth. Here is a list of classics:

I am just not ready now 
I just came out of a long relationship
I am no good for you
You deserve a better guy
I am not emotionally ready for another relationship,
I am emotionally unavailable
You caught me at a difficult time in my life

So ladies translate the very language you created to indirectly tell guys that you are not interested and stop living in denial and waiting for him complete his "therapy" and be Ready to Love Again....(the kiss, end movie, roll credits)

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