6 Totally Ridiculous Japanese ads with American celebrities!

Isaac Lungu | 12:19 PM |

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Japanese commercial
Arnold Applies his trade in Japan!
Little known fact, celebrities have been wreaking havoc in foreign advertisements for many years now but we often don't get to see many advertisements anywhere other than Youtube. The fact is if a celebrity has good agent that works for a big Advertising Agency with lots of reach globally, you should expect to see their faces in some of the world's secondary markets. Here are a few examples of US celebrities in Japanese commercials, illuminated by the boisterous, anime-like, comical feel. The result: advertisements that look totally ridiculous but provide great humor. 

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger in some Crazy Japanese Drink Ad V2
Anything Arnold does makes me laugh, including his most resent exploits as a semen spreading politician. If you can get the patented Arnold growling and grunting, you will always have a winner. Who doesn't want to drink an energy drink that pumps you up and makes you go URRGGHHH, AAAGHHRRRR, HIAAARRLLLL?

2. Ben Stiller for Kirin Chu-Hi
This is actually not a stretch for Ben Stiller, in fact I can even go as far as to say that he looks completely at home in the over the top, comic like, advertisement but what is going on here and why is he being run over by a troop of football players?

3. Sylvester Stallone in Hotdog Advertisement
Hotdogs are key to a sweet golf swing and the vital component to being successful in life. Who knew that?

4. Hulk Hogan for Big Flow Air conditioning.
This is a cheesy ad where Hulk Hogan sings a lullaby while holding a massive air conditioner. My only issue here is Hulkamania is more likely to give a child nightmares and cause irreparable psychological damage were he ever to attempt to sing it to sleep.

5. Sean Connery in Japanese Yogurt Ad.
Mix a young, brazen Sean Connery with a ridiculous singing bunny and you get a yogurt fit for 007 himself.

6. Brad Pitt Roots Coffee commercial
Brad Pitt is supposedly advertising 'roots," some kind of caffeine energy drink but if you look at the ad closely his behavior is more reminiscent of someone on crack cocaine or shrooms. I drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks and I've never had nearly as much fun as that coupled with insomnia.

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