Hope Solo and Alex Morgan get down to Wii "Just Dance" Video Game.

Isaac Lungu | 12:00 PM |

Hope Solo, Alex Morgan. Just Dance, dancing Wii Video Game
It is not secret that I am a soccer fanatic, It is also not a secret that I absolutely love females that play. So much so that roughly 93.78% of the women I have dated have played or play the sport. First and foremost, I revere the sanctity of the game. For this reason, I was very appreciative the quality of soccer and entertainment provided in the Women's World Cup 2011 held in Germany (5 Things the Women's World Cup taught us All!).

After several memorable comebacks and unlikely heroics, USA were slain dramatically in the final, by an astute, highly technical Japanese side. USA tournament stars Hope Solo and Alex Morgan haven't let the disappointment of the World Cup keep their spirits down. Hope Solo, the best female keeper in the world and Alex Morgan, the rising starlet who hit the net in both the semi-final and final, went at it in an epic dance off to promote the latest "Just Dance" Wii video game. Warning, video contains competitive booty shaking and is not for the faint of heart...

The game gave the Victory to Solo by who do you think won?