Governor Rick Perry Welcomes you to "Niggerhead" Hunting Camp: "Nigger-Head-Gate"

Isaac Lungu | 5:08 PM |

Governor rick Perry Niggerhead Hunting camp(West Texas)
How did I miss all this interesting stuff...........introducing Governor Rick Perry's latest cinder block that was recently dropped on his candidacy...


Apparently, presidential pretender Governor Rick Perry owns an estate that decades ago was nicknamed "NiggerHead" hunting Camp ~ Lord knows what they once hunted there. On several occasions, Perry allegedly took friends, fellow legislators and campaign donors to his hunting camp where the word "Niggerhead" was faintly visible on a rock, presumably near the entrance. Perry is reported to have done diddly-squat about it for a long time.

Perry vehemently claims that the name had been blotted out with paint as soon as his father leased the property and that the rock was turned over to hide all traces of it. However, newspapers have found multiple sources and some photographic evidence to contradict that claim. Why it couldn't just be totally removed is beyond me.

Just to give you some idea of where it is......
Governor rick Perry Niggerhead Hunting camp(West Texas)
I enjoyed making this. I am not gonna lie.
This is not the first time Rick Perry has been knee deep in a racial related kerfuffle.....

- In 1990, a year after Perry was elected Texas' agriculture commissioner, a businessman and his son accused assistant commissioner Dick Waterfield of telling them the following in a meeting, "We already have one nigger [who submitted a loan application]. We don't need another." Waterfield denied the claim and released a statement that read, "I don't know whether or not I've used that word, but I didn't say it. You know I have people on my staff that are black," using a canned response racists often use when exposed publicly.  A variant of The 'I am not racist, I once had black people over for dinner' defense! Despite another businessman who was at the meeting telling the Star-Telegram that Waterfield indeed used the racial slur, Perry defended Waterfield publicly, claiming the accusation was a "repulsive" attempt to get a loan by the applicants.

- At a news conference, Perry complained about lawsuits in the Rio Grande Valley, saying, "Every Jose in town wants to come along and sue you for something." A statement that I personally find funny and very appropriate. In fact, the idiom Every Tom, Dick and Harry should be repackaged into every Tom, Dick, Jose and Juan to better reflect current demographics.

- As Texas' lieutenant governor in 1999, Perry derailed or opposed numerous hate-crime bills including one named for James Byrd Jr, which he ultimately signed into law.

- Perry vetoed a proposal that would have required Texas judges to take sensitivity training ~ because we all know that cures racism right?

Emerging controversy, foot-in-mouth errors and poor performances at the debates have been enough to see Rick Perry's presidential hopes fall faster than an elephant tumbling down an incline.

Is this the last straw for Perry?

Apologies for my insensitivity to elephants. "If any [elephant] took that as a racial slam, they were certainly misreading it."