Busted!!! Zimbabwean Black Woman Gives Birth to Chinese Baby!

Isaac Lungu | 9:35 AM |

A dumb-founded Bright Kachanga and the Asian addition to his family.
Something to consider before you go out and cheat on your spouse ~ stay within your race or the ethnicity of your offspring will be a dead giveaway. A married, black woman in Damafalls, Ruwa, Zimbabwe remains the talk of her town after she fell pregnant and shocked onlookers at her child birth. To everyone's surprise, a lovely Asian baby, 50 to 75 shades lighter than it's supposed parents popped out in the delivery room at Ruwa Maternity Clinic.

Busted: Zimabwean Black Woman Gives Birth to Chinese Baby!
The Half Chinese, Half Zimbabwean baby in question, again proving that if you add black to any race the baby turns out super gorgeous!
Some neighbors believe that Gezi, 20, who is married to kombi (taxi) driver Bright Kachanga, 24, might have stolen the baby but Gezi insists that she had bumped uglies with her former Chinese boss at Grinaker Construction, where she still works. Gezi's former boss has been identified as Lung Fanlihong who has since  absconded to Zambia after he was confronted by Kachnaga’s relatives who arrived at his doorstep yielding pitchforks and torches.

Gezi and Kachanga have been trying to conceive for three years with no success but apparently Lung Fanlihong managed to get on the score sheet after just one night. This casts serious doubts on the match fitness of Bright Kachanga's "strike force" and raises questions as to whether or not they have the ability to score ~ but that is another issue for another day.

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