Cheeky Inmates Add the image of a PIG to Vermont Police Cruisers!

Isaac Lungu | 12:39 AM |

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A prison inmate who makes stationery and license plates pulled a fast one on state police by adding the image of a pig to the state decal on their cruisers.

Bored inmates in Vermont seem to have provided themselves with entertainment by defacing police vehicles. On the 16-inch car door decals, made by prisoners in Windsor thought they could emulate many marketing experiments done before by placing a subliminal message in the police force badge. The inmates placed the shape of a pig within the patterns of the body of the cow, which for some reason is on the crest as well. A "Pig" is a derogatory name for a police officer coined in the 19th century and popularized in the 20th and 21st centuries.

A Vermont state trooper discovered the pig while inspecting his vehicle on Wednesday. State police say they believe the decals have been added to about 30 cruisers in the past year.  New decals, sans the pig, will be oinked out at a cost of $780. The expense will be covered by a surplus in the revolving fund that supports the offender work program.

Needless to say, State police Maj. Bill Sheets is not amused by the prank.

"While some may find humor in the decal modifications, the joke unfortunately comes at the expense of the taxpayers," he said Thursday ~ Total CRAP, it's funny as hell....

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