ESPN Writer and Host call Asian Basketball Player Jeremy Lin a "Chink in the Armor," White People Overreact!

Isaac Lungu | 5:04 PM |

 ESPN Writer and Host calls Asian basketball player Jeremy Lin a
Jeremy Lin, dubbed by Anthony Fedrico and Max Bretos as The New York Knick's "Chink in the Armor"
Former ESPN writer Anthony Federico apologized Monday for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, calling it "an honest mistake," which it definitely wasn't and we saw it live on direct tv .

Federico used the phrase "Chink in the Amor"

Problem was the player involved an ASIAN..........CLASSIC!!!!

White people were so offended by this that they [ESPN] fired Anthony Federico, who wrote the headline and suspended Max Bretos a presenter who used the same phrase aloud on TV (directtv).
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The phrase "Chink in the Armor" actually has nothing to do with Asians ~ inherently.

"Chink in the Armor" is an accepted way of describing a weakness in an entity and Jeremy Lin's 9 turnover performance made him a weakness. He happens to be Asian......which makes calling him a "Chink in the Armor" rather witty but I understand how this would not be funny to some Asians.

It was not a mistake that headline was chosen. It was a classic play on words and a technique many reporters use. Sometimes we love it, sometimes it may not go as planned. ESPN is known for allowing slightly controversial headlines ( ). If as an organization they knowingly allow controversial headlines then it's very hypocritical to fire people that cross the line, an inevitability of trying to be "edgy."

This just the kind of overreaction to racial related material going on the these days. When something slightly racist occurs, the organization will fire the principals, no questions asked and wash their hands of the responsibility of actually dealing with it. All the while the guilty parties are never made to sit down and answer why they did what they did or talk about why it's wrong; nobody learns anything..