Possum Breaks Into Bakery, Eats Too Much Pastry, Gets the Itis, Passes Out and gets Caught.

Isaac Lungu | 8:36 AM |

A possum broke into a bakery and went to town on the pastries. The greedy little pig was found in the morning having had consumed so many baked goods that he was unable to move or evade capture. His exemplary level of  greed apparently induced some kind of sugar-related, diabetic shock.

I assume it is a "he" as this sounds like the brazen, impulsive, tomfoolery I'd associate with a [white] college frat boy.

PLAN = Break into bakery ---> eat [my ass off] pastry ----> worry about how I will escape later.

What happened to the possum that Broke in a bakery and ate himself into Oblivion?? Who knows, hopefully he will get a chance to try again ~ the stealing I mean ~ not the passing out. The former implies his demise and it not my intention for girls to cry after reading this.

Possum, bakery,eats too much, can't move

Moral of the Story: If you are going to steal, do so in Moderation.