Pakistani Bombshell, Reality TV Star Veena Malik causes A Fatwa (Possibly a Jihad),Posing Topless for FHM India!?

Sexy Actress Veena Malik of Pakistan made a scandal across India and Pakistan earlier this month when she allegedly pose naked on the cover of FHM India with the initials ‘ISI’ stenciled on her arm. "ISI" is the much maligned Pakistani spy agency branded by the west as exhibiting terrorist-like tendencies ~ i.e consisting of Arabs.

The Muslim world has been set ablaze as a naked woman visible in public and to anyone but her husband violates many rules set forth in the Holy Koran. Veena Malik's naked pictures have resulted in a Fatwa which is a legal pronouncement in Islam, issued by a religious law specialist on a specific issue. It basically means they are SUPER, SUPER pissed and a Fatwa may in certain cases be the precursor to a Jihad.

Pakistani Bombshell, Reality TV Star Veena Malik causes A Fatwa (Possibly a Jihad),Posing Topless for FHM India!?

Malik denied that she posed in the nude – claiming the photos were computer enhanced – and that it was NOT her idea to tattoo the ‘ISI’ on her arm????

This has the smell of subterfuge and propaganda written all over it. I just hope there is no tragic outcome to this as a lot of people out there are pretty pissed!

Otherwise, what a gorgeous young lady!

Sadly, all it takes is a couple of sub-standard interactions with sub-standard men and you create a weaponized woman ready blow up in a fit of radioactive craziness.

The detonation will usually be in the face of an innocent bystander, often a nice guy who simply couldn't fathom such a thing happening to him....

This is an EXTREME example of that, narrated BRILLIANTLY by Fletch & Vaughan, some crazy Kiwis (I believe.) Shout out to them!


Here is a transcript of the TEXTS and indeed an example of "WHAT CRAZY LOOKS LIKE VIA TEXT"

What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 1
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 2
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 13
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 14
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 15
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 16
What crazy looks like on texts,JJ text to Kevin, crazy chick texts 17

 Update: Kevin Speaks out about Texting Saga (audio)

We live amongst the "functionally insane," is your girl crazy???
Headline sensationalized and blown completely out of proportion for American audiences*
Christiano Ronaldo Backheel

Can you tell I am bored? 

Ok ~ The goal certainly isn't the "goal of the century", I mis-lead you but yahoo does that on a daily basis. It is a great goal though, albeit a very fortuitous one.

Have a look!

To make up for deceiving you I'll throw in the REAL goal of the weekend, courtesy of Arsenal's Robin van Persie ~ what a cracker!!!! (as in the goal)


<a href='' target='_new' title='Robin Van Persie scores again' >Video: Robin Van Persie scores again</a>

You Tube Racist Rants, Death Threats and Two Expelled White Girls, Gainesville High School

Two minors from Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Fla., posted a nearly 14-minute-long racist rant on YouTube ultimately resulting in their expulsion from school. Police had to be called in to respond to death threats, presumably by the offended party.

Here is the video:

I am pretty tired of commenting such occurrences on a racist by racist basis but I will say one thing. I appreciate these white (Latina) girls coming out and saying what is on the minds of many white people. Especially those raised in suburbia that believe everything is equal and that poor people chose to be that way by sitting on their lazy asses all day, smoking weed, drinking forties and surviving off welfare check etc. Privileged people that take it for granted the idea that they have more and think everyone begins at the same starting point. You can be as mad as you want with them but that is what some people out there think and it's important that it was brought to light.

I have frequently been accused of disliking black people but perhaps now I can use this moment to illustrate my point concisely. I love being black and I would not trade in my blackness for anything but I understand one thing. The actions of a black man in public are not interpreted in a neutral manner. The default position is that black people are useless and any errant behavior is used to validate that position. For some reason the actions of the few, helped by constant portrayal in media, speak for the many. Arabs can you hola at me? Since a few Arabs executed acts of terror somehow all Arabs have paid the price. The same is not true of white people. Let me explain:

A white person gets robbed by a black man -------> they may conclude, that the default is true and that ALL black people act in such a manner ------->All black people suffer.

A white person gets robbed one day by a white man --------> They will rationalize the incident and argue that it is just ONE white man. They will even bring into play economic class and motive to justify is actions as an individual and explain that his actions in no way reflect the general behavior of white people.

That is the nature of racism. A byproduct of it is that the victimized group all cease to be individuals they simply get clumped in one homogenous grouping (niggers, jews, wetbacks etc).

A lot of what the girls said has some validity to it. The attitude that you will drop out of school and live off food stamps, the lack of enthusiasm toward education and the celebration of ignorance are all issues that need to be examined but they are not issues unique to black people. The are issues that plague certain, often less well off people who due to expense and accessibility don't see the practicality and use of going to school and getting educated.


The idea that the girls believe they are better than another group of people based on where they were raised and how they talk is just a snotty, bratty attitude which probably explains why they to opted to make a youtube video. It is probably the only way anyone would listen to them in the first place. If you have an issue, express it properly and in a reasonable manner.

With regards their black best friend. I hope he is ashamed of himself . I blame him for not making a meaningful contribution in these women's lives as a real black man and not white-sanctioned subset of black people that wear Cosby Sweaters and speak like white people to be accepted.

As for the Nigger vs Black people distinction, where did they get it from?

Remember when we laughed at this????

This was a good chance to bring people to one table and discuss the matter at hand but the school chickened out washed their hands of the racists kids. The school forfeit it responsibility to educate misguided youth. Youth whose views and opinions are primarily shaped by their immediate surroundings, influences and role models. I disgraceful move by the school that nobody will learn anything from.- #shutdowntheschool #cowards
Observe the racist dog!

Tascam Handhelds, Portastudios, and DAW's! Capture Your Music without Emptying Your Wallet!
Tascam Handhelds, Portastudios, and DAW's! Capture Your Music without Emptying Your Wallet
Times have changed, music can be mass produced from a computer fairly easily. In the old days recording equipment was hard to come by and to some extent that regulated the number of clowns able to make and record music. Technology is further advancing and more recording equipment is becoming widely available. Look forward to more Souljaboy, LMFAO and other jokers cut from the same mold of stale, dilapidated bread. 

I'll give you an example of just how easy it is to get quality recording material. Under $100 can get you a TASCAM' DR-05 Solid State Recorder. With this easy to use device you can capture sound and record it to MP3 or WAV format and even save it easily to microSD or microSDHC media. The DR-05 basically putting album-quality recording in the palm of your hand. That is quite a lot of power at you finger tips.

Widely syndicated, previously too-expensive-to-own technology is now hitting the streets in full force and that to me one the signs of the music apocalypse and the second coming of Michael Jackson. The day Michael Jackson will returns to save music and take all the kids away with him to the Neverland Ranch in the sky. Either way, why not take advantage of the technology we have available to use and just have a blast. Go out there, make terrible music and hope to get payed for it. It's a strategy that works.

"When our generation grows older, we will complain about music. We will tell kids that when we were younger we listened to good music from great artists like Souljaboy"

I don't celebrate black history month in February. I believe it to be a cruel joke and a pathetic undermining of black culture. Instead, I celebrate Black History every month EXCEPT February where I choose celebrate White History Month.

During White History Month I drink coffee, eat Turkey sandwiches, kiss dogs and do other things white people love to do.....


For those of you that do celebrate it:


You know, black people really need to think things through before they do them....
Chris Brown Accused of Stealing an I-phone by Cristal Spann, could face Jail Time!
Chris Brown with his typically unrepentant demeanor.
Chris Brown can't catch a break these days [unless it on a woman's face]. Brown's "second chance" comeback at the Grammy awards got mixed reviews. Fans, journalists, musicians and wrestlers alike have accused the star as not showing "adequate remorse."

Brown's charming twitter response:


Chris Brown's latest antics lead me to believe that his PR agent must be Mel Gibson. Brown is in the news again as a fan of has accused him of stealing her i-phone after she attempted to take a picture of him. Christal Spann alleges that she tried to take a picture of Chris Brown as he climbed out of the club into his Bentley. Brown is said to have reached though his car window, snatched her phone from her hands and yelled out:

 "Bitch, you ain't going to put that [photo] on no website."

Christal Spann has filed charges claiming Brown STOLE her I-PHONE and drove of in his BENTLEY. These charges could see the R&B singer serve jail time as Brown is still on probation for whipping Rihanna's ass in 2009. A beating she has since forgiven him for, singing a duet in a "leaked" song earlier this month that only seemed to anger people even more.

Firstly, Christal Spann should be ashamed of herself because this is clearly a cheap ploy for attention. Why couldn't she just ask for her phone back (publicly). To claim or frame it in such a manner that suggests that Brown stole it is silly and I am sure Chris Brown has absolutely no need at for her i-phone.

Secondly, Chris Brown should not go back to jail. He should continue to perform and make his "comeback" and people should keep reminding him that what he did was not OK because I genuinely believe he doesn't get that YET.

Brown doesn't get that it will take a little more than picking up garbage on the side of the road and doing the moonwalk in his videos to make people forget or forgive him for what he did. He should feel the reaction and sentiment towards his actions and when he is truly repentant and loses the massive chip on his shoulder, we can all move on and grow from this.

I do not believe Brown should suffer forever and anyone that does is a hypocrite. I do believe he should grow from this experience and learn from it. If he can't then he should pay the price and we should never hear from him again.


Apparently there is some creeper out there looking for his dearly beloved LaShonda and will stop at nothing to find his one true love.

The daunting task of rummaging through tens of thousands of LaShonas' on Facebook doesn't phase him on bit.

Is you name LaShonda?

Are you on Facebook?

You could be next!

Facebook funny status fail. Lashonda
A sheep butts in on a dog drinking water. The Dog will have none of it but will he have the balls to win this fight? Find out!
dog vs sheep. Sheep headbutts dog gif

By Tony Connor
Here are some tactics you might want to use in this situation.

1. Go for the Oscar anyway and say it's just what you always wanted.
This has the advantage of minimizing any embarrassing moments but it's probably obvious that you don't mean it. And keep it short, Forrest Whittaker you ain't.

2. Pretend that they have actually given you a million dollars.
This might be slightly embarrassing after you have danced around the room whooping, hugged everyone in sight and planted a big kiss on his or her mouth.

3. Start to say thank you and then pretend someone has just come into the room that you really need to see.
This could be a problem if there are just the two of you but should work in large crowds.

4. Clutch your chest, start wheezing and shout "I think I'm having a heart attack!".
This only really works if you can belch on demand and claim it was gas before anyone calls 911. It's also worth pre-warning any loved ones so they don't get too worried. Although this could mean they won't do anything if you really do have a heart attack!

5. Talk really slowly, or repeat yourself, to give yourself time to come up with a response.
"Well, well, well. Will you look at that. Wow. Well I never. Never got one of these before" should give you time to work on a diplomatic response.

6. Change the subject rapidly.
Start talking about the gift and then branch off onto how you saw one on vacation once, and what a great vacation it was and have they ever been there? Vacation stories always drive people away!

7. Resolve to get them an equally bad gift next time that should put a smile on your face!

Above all remind yourself that they have tried their best and have taken the time to get you something. And remember - there's always eBay!

Tony Connor has been a forgetful last-minuter for many, many years. That didn't stop him starting a website, Bright Gift Ideas, with gift suggestions for everyone. If shopping were a sport, his wife would certainly be on the US Olympic team with a good chance of a gold medal, and an automatic spot on "Dancing With The Stars".

 ESPN Writer and Host calls Asian basketball player Jeremy Lin a
Jeremy Lin, dubbed by Anthony Fedrico and Max Bretos as The New York Knick's "Chink in the Armor"
Former ESPN writer Anthony Federico apologized Monday for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, calling it "an honest mistake," which it definitely wasn't and we saw it live on direct tv .

Federico used the phrase "Chink in the Amor"

Problem was the player involved an ASIAN..........CLASSIC!!!!

White people were so offended by this that they [ESPN] fired Anthony Federico, who wrote the headline and suspended Max Bretos a presenter who used the same phrase aloud on TV (directtv).
View the Incidents

The phrase "Chink in the Armor" actually has nothing to do with Asians ~ inherently.

"Chink in the Armor" is an accepted way of describing a weakness in an entity and Jeremy Lin's 9 turnover performance made him a weakness. He happens to be Asian......which makes calling him a "Chink in the Armor" rather witty but I understand how this would not be funny to some Asians.

It was not a mistake that headline was chosen. It was a classic play on words and a technique many reporters use. Sometimes we love it, sometimes it may not go as planned. ESPN is known for allowing slightly controversial headlines ( ). If as an organization they knowingly allow controversial headlines then it's very hypocritical to fire people that cross the line, an inevitability of trying to be "edgy."

This just the kind of overreaction to racial related material going on the these days. When something slightly racist occurs, the organization will fire the principals, no questions asked and wash their hands of the responsibility of actually dealing with it. All the while the guilty parties are never made to sit down and answer why they did what they did or talk about why it's wrong; nobody learns anything..

Australia: UK man survives bite on testicle by deadly Tasmanian tiger snake
Tasmanian Tiger Snaked milked for it's venom to make anti-venom.
A British man in Australia, conscious of the need to conserve water decided to relieve himself in the bushes. Scott Jackson, a musician, 29 years-of-age chose to crouch down as a woman would do, presumably to be less conspicuous. A nearby, deadly Tasmanian Tiger Snake to exception to this intrusion and bit the man as he emptied his bladder. Not blessed with a wide target area, the snake went for what little flesh it had in its sites. The snake bit the man in the land down under, with a direct hit on one of his testicles.

Conventionally, the immediate effects of a snake bite can be lessened by sucking the venom out of the bite area. Despite desperate pleas for assistance, Scot's friend Roddy Andrews refused to administer immediate medical assistance, blowing the job of maximizing his buddy's chances of survival. Andrew's chose to drive Jackson to a hospital 40 minutes away promptly.

Jackson explained.
“I went into the garden at four in the morning after a night in the pub to save flushing the toilet because water is precious in the outback..." 

“....Just as I finished and was about to tuck everything safely away, it bit me. I had my pants around my knees when I hobbled into Roddy’s bedroom. My heart was racing and I was hallucinating..."

“...Needless to say, Rod was not of a mind to suck out the poison.”

I hope I am never in a similar situation with a male friend because they will be dealt with in same manner. I will say a prayer for you, take you to hospital, notify your relatives and sit by your bedside till you recover ~ that's what friends do. In no way shape or form and under no conditions will I suck you balls, even in a life and death situation ~ it's gay.


Crazy female driver on 81 in Pennsylvania (PA), picture
61 year old woman, speeding like a NASCAR driver in the Median of I-81, PA
A group of guys pull up on a driver that appears to have a death wish. a 2009 KIA ill-equipped to drive over a puddle of water let alone several feet of snow is hurtling down the median of a road dangerously close to oncoming traffic.

Driver, soon revealed to be a 61-year-old woman, had her blinker on suggesting she might turn into oncoming traffic while her car systematically fell apart piece by piece as it bounced up and down on the snowy terrain.....

Everybody knows that scientists have proven, without question, that all women, except Danica Patrick are terrible drivers and should be barred from driving but this is something else surely.......

It was something else! According to Chief Mike Fife with Paxtonia Fire Company the 61-year-old woman driving the car had suffered from a diabetic emergency? One which turned her into Evel Knievel.

I am no medical expert and I had no idea anything Diabetes related can turn you into a Dare Devil so naturally I am filled with skepticism.....

In any case, where were the police through all this? ~ Why catching blacks and Mexicans of course....

I do not understand the latest revolution in music and why it has occurred at a time when it is completely useless to ME. I was uncool, in the most profound manner in early high school on account of my obsession with Techno/Rav/Dance ~ call it what you will.

In my younger days the "in thing" to do was listen to hip-hop which consisted mainly of Puff Daddy, Mase, Biggy and 2pac. 2pac got shot (twice) then died. Biggy emulated his demise by dieing shortly there after. Hip-hop was at an all time high with real beef (that didn't take place on youtube), deaths and inter-gang turmoil and conflict. Then 50 cent upped the ante and decided to get shot several times but improved on the formula by surviving which turned to be more practice as you could release record to capitalize on you street credibility.

--------------> FAST FORWARD 10 years.....

You cannot listen to the radio for more than five minutes with hearing Techno and hip-hop is dominated by 14 year olds singing songs about thing the shouldn't know anything about i.e bitches, blunts and ho's, requiring us to learn complex dances to fully enjoy their songs.

Black Eyed Peas, who I really know because of this track:

Tascam Handhelds, Portastudios, and DAW's! Capture Your Music without Emptying Your Wallet!



Chris Brown whipped Rihanna's ass, We saw it happen, there are pictures of it (see below). It's not  speculation and Chris Brown did not go to court and have to have anybody have to describe the shape of his penis to prove anything (R.I.P M.J). We KNOW it happened. End of his career right? No, that would be harsh, I'll be honest but at least a noticeable drop in popularity right?

Beat by Chris Brown (sponsored by the many women out there that just didn't seen to give enough of a f@ck to stop listening to his music)
Chris Brown said he was sorry and went to a few weeks of celebrity rehab ~ That makes it all OK. Then women adored him again? Consequently, I don't take women that listen to Chris Brown seriously when that talk of female equality or power etc because as far as I am concerned every time they listen to a Chris Brown track the punch Rhianna one more time in her pretty face. The worst part about it is what stupid people will do with this model of success. One person made a sex tape and suddenly that was the new thing to do. So ladies if you man aspires to be a pop-star, take self defense lessons or at least get comprehensive medical aid.

Why am I on this Chris Brown line of thought again? Oh yeah, TECHNO. Chris Brown is basically a techno artist now and most pop music has headed that way. You can put Usher on that list too who has sold his soul to MY music, from his previous RnB flavor which I preferred to be honest.

Don't agree that this new POP Music = Techno? How can you justify that this song ISN'T techno?

It has all the classic signs of TECHNO written all over it:

1)Monotonous beat
2)You can fit the lyrics on a "post it (sticky paper)."
3)Nobody over 40 can stand it ~ they refer to it as noise!
4)And white people can dance to it and not look awkward

What is my point here? My point is that I am way cooler than everyone else. How much cooler? At least 5 years worth of coolness since I was ahead of this trend and ostracized as a result.

Furthermore I demand a WRITTEN apology from all the women who rejected me soley based on my taste in music, which has consequently become yours. I also call on Chris Brown to do the honorable thing, which would be to retire from music and commit ritualistic, Japanese suicide (seppuu) Then I die happy.......

interesting facts about kissing

1. The average woman kisses 7.9 men before marriage.

The average slutty woman may kiss as many as 300....

2. The average person spends about 2 weeks of their lives kissing.

The average Star Trek fan spends between 4 to 6 minutes.

3. Passionate kissing burns about 6.4 calories a minute. A Hershey kiss contains 26 calories meaning it takes 5 minutes of walking or 4 minutes of kissing to burn off the caloric intake from 1.  

That's what you can tell women at the bar. Let them know that all you are providing for them is a great workout.

4. Studies suggest that men who kiss their wives daily have a larger income.

[Written by a woman.]

interesting facts about kissing

5. Parachuting or Shooting a gun causes the same chemical reactions in the brain as a passionate kiss.

Making kissing a safer but equally thrilling option for black people and other people that feel awkward about jumping from a piece of metal at 30000 ft in the air.

6. The top 3 factors that lessen a woman's desire to kiss are: 
1) Bad breath,
2) The smell of sweat
3) The shape of a man's chin.

I feel like #3 just took it to another level.

7) Most kisses happen on Valentines Day and in about 65% of the cases, the woman will tilt her head left. This head orientation preference is thought to be determined during fetal development.

8) During a kiss about 10 million to 1 billion different types of bacteria are exchanged, 95 percent of them are not dangerous.

The other 5%  may include herpes, HIV and other contagions but statistically you'll be OK.

9) Kissing may have originated when mothers orally passed chewed solid food to their infants during weaning. Another theory suggests kissing evolved from prospective mates sniffing each others’ pheromones for biological compatibility. Either way scientists have no idea whether kissing is an instinctual or learned behavior.

Scientist are thrown off at the fact that many cultures in Africa and Asia don't kiss..

10) Kissing at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony can be traced back to ancient Roman tradition where a kiss was used to sign a contract. Similarly, placing an "X" at the end of a correspondence letter symbolizes a kiss.

So the next time you do business with a woman tell her the "X" marks the spot that can swiftly get you fired for sexual harassment.



By Mathew Harp
Once upon a time you could add a lot of friends on Facebook to make yourself seem popular… But thanks to intense search engine optimization battles, you just look like a spammer. If you need some new strategies, here is a list of honest* classic tactics that will make you the talk of the town:

1. Make friends with people whose last names’ sound like first names.
Jan Michael Vincent picture
Jan-Michael Vincent could count as 3 people if you say his name slowly enough.
If making friends is hard for you, this is a great way to get more bang for your buck! Try to direct your friend building activities toward people named something along the lines of Joe Kyle, Richard Taylor, Michael Jordan, etc. Or even better, make friends with someone with three first-sounding names like Johnathan Taylor Thomas or James Cameron Michael. This way when speaking to others, you can say:
“James, Cameron, Michael, and I went to the mall yesterday!” When in fact you and "James Cameron Michael" went to the mall yesterday. See! Three for the price of one!

2. Spy on others conversations.
Spying on women, listening device
Spy, spy, spy, the more you know, the better!
 Listen in on popular peoples’ conversations and wait for something personal to be shared. Then say something like “hi” as you walk away. This is good for pretending you are really good friends with someone, as they like you enough to share their secrets. Doing this allows you to say:
“I was talking with Kathy earlier and she said that she might have to go to counseling for anorexia.”

3. Refer to coinciding events.
woman talking to man
Just name drop, it impresses most people.
Now lying about having friends you don’t have is not cool! But you don’t need to lie about having friends in order to talk about the friends you don’t have. Confused? Let me walk you through it… Go to a popular spot where a lot of the cool people hang out. Take note of who you see and something they did, like get drunk for example. Then repeat the same action they did. Then the next day when speaking to someone you want to impress, you can, in good conscious, say:

“Kathy and I were at "Insert Bar Name here" last night and we got so wasted! It was awesome”

To add some extra kick, follow the cool person home and when they are getting out of their car, roll down your window and say something along the lines of :

“Oh wow, what a coincidence, I didn’t know you lived here…” Then you could make your story so much cooler by saying:

“Kathy and I were at "Insert Bar Name here" last night and we got so wasted! It was awesome… Then we went back to her place and talked.”

4. Masterfully combine the prior three.
Step 1: Listen to someone popular’s conversation and get some personal information and try to figure out where they will be that night.

Step 2: Get your friend with two or three first names to go with you to where the popular person will be.

Step 3: Make sure the popular person notices you at the bar and say a quick hello.

Step 4: When you see the popular person leaving separate yourself from your three-first-named friend and leave also.

Step 5: Follow the popular person home. Then you can say:
“I was talking to Lisa this afternoon and she said that she got a modeling contract with Ford! Can you believe that? Yeah, and then later that night Lisa, Michael, Taylor, Scott, and I went out to Q Bar to celebrate. Crazy, huh? But here’s the best part… Lisa and I talked at the bar and then we decided we wanted to ditch our friends and head back to her place. It wouldn’t be appropriate of me to comment much further than that… [wink]”

What’s dishonest about that???

About Mathew Harp:

Matthew Harp is the writer of the List Fav Social Networkblog of entertaining lists and the new humor blog, Hoe Ass.

South African Airforce Pilot steals military plane to visit friend! #onlyinafrica

A young SA Air Force pilot was grounded earlier this week after he 'borrowed' a plane to visit a friend in Botswana.

A South African Air Force pilot in desperate need to hang out with his buddy in Botswana decided to take the fastest mode of travel known to man; The Airplane. Instead of paying for a flight, he decided it would be wiser to commandeer an aircraft. The pilot pinched a petrol card from the Air Force's VIP division, fueled up a plane and began his joy-flight.

The rogue pilot crossed into Botswana airspace with no permission and without submitting any flight plan to anybody. This proved that if you want to attack Botswana, your best ploy would be to walk in through the front door ~ however, you will be required to supply your own weapons. It is believed that the cavalier pilot had an accomplice in Botswana air traffic control that facilitated safe passage for him.

Instead of shutting his mouth, the brazen pilot proceeded to boast of his exploits to colleagues, deeming himself untouchable as a result of his contacts in high places. Turns out he is very "touchable."

Air force spokeswoman Brigadier-General Marthie Visser said on Thursday that air force chief Lieutenant-General Carlo Gagiano had grounded the pilot. A commission of inquiry has been set up to investigate the incident, and if the commission finds sufficient cause, it could mean the end of his career.

"Could mean the end of his career??????"

"Given the dates involved, I have my theories about where he was going, after all girls be trippin during Valentines week ------------------->

Woman Tries To Stab Boyfriend After He Doesn’t Buy Her A Valentine’s Day Present

-----------------> Ladies, it's always your fault.

Clipix, new social network
clipix helps you organize your life by giving you one central place where you can keep everything you see online and want to come back to. It's always free.

The avenues for time wasting and procrastination are endless. Majority of people are simply hell-bent on getting fired for inappropriate use of their work computer, or divorced because of a passionate love affair with Fbook. Here is another website that has potential to be on your distinguished list of professional, world class time wasters.

What is this website, I speak of?

clipix !!

clipix is a new website that merges the idea of easy bookmarking with media sharing in a simple, elegant clipboard format. Boring? Done before? Yes, maybe you'd say that if you haven't tried it but it also has its practical uses.

Think of the shear number of websites we browse through and the great tit-bits we find online. Clipix gives you the ability to organize these links very easily and share them with who you want to share them with, whenever you choose to do so. You can even collaborate with friends and share clipboards so that anything they clip will immediately be visible to you in real time ~ that's cool ~  admit it!

DON'T quite see how clipix works? Watch this short Video!

I gave clipix a shot. It was very easy to sign up and even your grandmother, who has only used an abacus before can figure it out ~ ok maybe not her, but if you can use social networks or email, there should be no problem at all. I added the "clip" button to my browser tool bar on Mozilla Firefox, a process which is clearly explained on sign up and I was pretty much good to go.

HERE IS WHAT I GOT UP TO ~ Africanlegend's "HELL YEAH" clipboard:

 Clipix, new social, sharing Network 

I made a clipboard called "HELL YEAH" and I just clicked and shared articles as I came across them "HELL YEAH" if they were awesome in a good way and "HELL NAW" if they were awesome in a bad way. Anything goes: songs I like, news, interesting articles, the limits are up to you. I have been having a lot of fun with clipix and what's good is my clips can easily be shared on my current social networks. My clips are automatically posted to twitter which saves me a lot of hassle.

Go ahead, go give clipix a try NOW!

What do think? Is clipix a revolution in procrastination or just another waste of precious time. Leave a comment!

CLIPIX: A Revolution in Social Media? Or Another Collosal Waste of Time?
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White Grandfather Scott Henson Cuffed By Police for Walking with Black Granddaughter! Why the Police were Right!~ Picture
Scott Henson (white) and his granddaughter Ty (black) taking a walk. Child appears to be under duress.
Austin, Texas, Scott Henson, a political consultant who blogs about the criminal justice system at Grits For Breakfast  was walking home happily accessorized by his lovely granddaughter Ty, who happens to be black. It was not long before he was approached by a female deputy who informed Henson that there was a report of a white man that had kidnapped a black girl. The deputy then asked Henson to step away from the Negro.

The deputy took Ty aside and questioned her. Ty was quick to inform the deputy that the white man she was with was her grandfather. Satisfied, the officer released Henson and Ty, who continued to walk home before they were mobbed by several squad cars. Henson was cuffed and Ty was questioned again. Ultimately, Henson provided numbers and information that proved that he was indeed the grandfather and he and Ty were released.
White Grandfather Scott Henson Cuffed By Police for Walking with Black Granddaughter! Why the Police were Right!~ Picture
Scott Henson (white) "kidnapping" his granddaughter Ty (black) but not before enjoying a day at the beach.
Would this even be a story had all the parties involved been white or black? Would the story have been purposefully sensationalized and given a racial undertone? Would the title of the story have undergone a yahoo-fication and a gross misleading of web surfers? Of course not! In fact, people would be applauding the vigilant nature of the police and their prompt response and I can definitely say I would be the first to join that praise band wagon.

What?? But I'm black, and generally don't like cops?

I see it this way, if there were actual reports that a white man had kidnapped a black girl then damn right some white dude should be cuffed and detained that day or at least aggressively interrogated. Cops have protocol, it's not always that they will ask a suspect out to drinks and a movie to question them, there are many things they have to consider like their own safety for instance.

If there is ever a report that a white girl has kidnapped me, I want every white girl hanging around with a black guy of the description: "6"0, tall, dark, handsome, charming with an athletic build" to be tasered immediately, blindfolded, beaten and questioned, just in case.

As for black people, don't even try to be upset about this one. The police actually responded to a case involving us ~ promptly, even though most of us know and complain that they are usually lackadaisical about cases involving black folk. So honestly have a coke and smile, and enjoy the feeling of being an equal citizen for a change.

Rapist Caught Napping at a Crime Scene
It is certainly unprofessional to sleep on the job. If you do, make sure you are well equipped with creative and plausible reasons for it should your boss catch you (50 excuses to give if you are caught sleeping at work). Sleeping on the job is one thing but sleeping at a crime scene is downright STUPID.

Strive Vhune, a young 26 year old Zimbabwean broke into an elderly woman's house in the southeastern district of Chivi and raped her. After putting the 72 year old through the horrible ordeal, the exertion got to the youthful Vhune who decided it would be prudent to take a nap and there he lay butt-naked allowing the victim to escape and get help.

"The suspect fell asleep soon after raping the woman who then took advantage and alerted neighbours who managed to apprehend him after he fled from the bedroom hut while stark naked," police spokesman Tineyi Matake told the Herald.

Naked and nabbed for a disgraceful act, Vhune provides yet another reason why it's always important to get a good night's sleep and plenty of rest before doing anything ~ except screw him. I am glad he fell asleep.

One of many reasons I think if you don't really care that someone is dead, there is no need to pretend.

Oprah Winfrey is as close to Whitney Houston as President Barrack Obama is to FLAVOR FLAVVVVVVVVVVVVV....

Whitney Houston,Oprah Winfrey facebook profile post fail

Iran bans valentines day pictures
This could land you in hot soup in Iran.
Just in case you are taking the whole ritual of Valentines Day for granted, as I am, consider this. Valentines Day has been banned in Iran. The Iranian regime has outlawed Valentine's Day. "Symbols of hearts, half-hearts, red roses, and any activities promoting this day are banned," announced state media last month. "Authorities will take legal action against those who ignore the ban."

In Addition to that.....

The Iranian state prohibited mingling of the sexes, rap music, rock music, western music, women playing in bands, too-bright nail polish, laughter in hospital corridors, ancient Persian rites-of-spring celebrations (Nowrooz), and even the mention of foreign food recipes in state media. This was officially announced by a state-run website on Feb. 6. This basically means you can have more fun in a convent that in Iran.

So all the more reason to go celebrate Valentines Day just because you can!

Happy Valentines Day.....
valentines day, chocolates, roses pictures

In an interview with Ebony Magazine, actor Samuel L. Jackson said he voted for President Barack Obama in 2008 only because he's black
In an extraordinary outburst, Samuel L Jackson, star of "Snakes on a Plane" explained to the world that he simply voted for Obama because he is black, bringing to light an important question.

Why do people vote for the politicians they vote for knowing full well that they very rarely deliver most of the things they promise. In fact, we associate lying with politicians to the point that if you are a good liar, people will actually recommend you get into politics.

President Obama, who Samuel Jackson voted for just because of his skin color [black].
Here are the Highlights of Samuel L Jackson's profanity-ridden rant:

On why he voted for Obama:
"I voted for Barack because he was black. 'Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them,"

On American Politics:
'That’s American politics, pure and simple,' he said. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean **** to me. In the end, he’s a politician. I just hoped he would do some of what he said he was gonna do."

On Politicians: 
 "I know politicians say sh@t; they lie. 'Cuz they want to get elected."

On n@ggers in the white house

"When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a n@gger. Because what’s a n@gger? A n@gger is scary...."

"Obama ain’t scary at all. N@ggers don’t have beers at the White House. N@ggers don’t let some white dude, while you in the middle of a speech, call [him] a liar. A n@gger would have stopped the meeting right there and said, "Who the f@ck said that?"

'I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.'

On Obama's job thus far:
"Some days I agree with Dr. [Cornel] West and what he says about the President not dealing enough with the plight of the poor..."
"Then I think about how they won’t give him credit for anything... The President got about a week of moderate applause for capturing the most-wanted man in the world [Bin Laden]..."

"You ask me, he should have put that mother f@ckers on ice and defrosted his ass November 1."

Cussing Key (close your eyes):
N@ggers - Niggers
Sh@t - Shit
F@ck[ers] - fuck[ers]