Mexican police have arrested a teenager who faked her own kidnapping so that she could get money to go on vacations with her ex-boyfriend and four other friends.

Nineteen year-old Arely Soto engineered a devious plot to fake her own kidnapping intending to use the ransom money her parents paid to her kidnappers to upgrade her vacation package..

Soto tried to convince her parents that criminals had kidnapped her and demanded the sum of $20,000 for her release.

To execute the plan Soto disappeared from her home in the state of Veracruz one day and had her friends call her family, posing as bloodthirsty criminals. Kidnappings still being a common crime in Mexico meant the plan had a fair chance of working. Soto's parents suspected something was amiss and contacted local police who together with the Soto's family hatched a plan to catch the "kidnappers."

Mexican newspaper Zocalo reports that Soto's parents agreed to make the ransom. Police then apprehended the teens as they drove in to collect the ransom money. The teens confessed and revealed the location of Soto who after lying that had been threatened and beaten with a knife admitted to the scam to Police.

There will be no Oscars awarded for any of the performances in the epic drama but Soto and her accomplices will have plenty of time to practice in jail....

Msnbc reports
facebook Stalker Michael Bradley
Micheal Bradley, arresting for stalking an 11 year via phone.
A Florida mother  assumed the identity of her 11 year old daughter to catch a stalker in the act.

The mother's daughter got a Facebook account without permission and accepted a friend request, sharing her phone number with a virtual stranger. Text messages revealed that a grown man identified by police as Michael Bradley was trying to entice her child.

The mother called Bradley up and requested he stop contacting her daughter, siting her age (11) and when Bradley refused the police were immediately notified. Police were unable to act without sufficient evidence even though Bradley sent graphic text to her child including asking if the young 11 year old was a virgin and if she wanted birthday sex.

The mother decided to take further steps and impersonated her 11 year old daughter to lure Bradley into a trap. The mother used her daughter's phone to correspond with Bradley. When Bradley asked for a photo, she sent him pictures of a Target model which Bradley responded to by sending a picture of his a full naked body. However, that was still not enough for police, who stated that they would require a photo of Bradley's face before they could act. The mother ultimately got Bradley to send her a photo with enough of his face and police responded by arresting Bradley.

When queried about the Polices' reluctance to respond to the incident promptly, a police spokesperson stated that the initial evidence via text messages, including a text from Bradley claiming that was his 15 year old brother not he that was sending texts, would only have resulted in a warning for Bradley. In order to punish Bradley by the full extent of the law, the Police needed evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Bradley sending the texts i.e a picture of the suspect. Since the mother had established open communication with Bradley, police felt it represented an opportunity to get better evidence to bring before a court.

Understandably, the mother feels the law was too lethargic in it's response to a potentially deadly predator.

Angry goat Brazil picture
"Don't F@ck with me today!"
Not much to explain here except that a goat woke up on the wrong side of the bed in a small Brazilian. What ever irked the goat is unknown but he decided to take his frustrations out on ANY and  moving objects. Women and children were not spared......

Angry goat terrorises town in Brazil (video)

Racist Papa John’s Pizza Racist Voicemail, N-word rant.On Sunday night a Papa John's customer in Sanford, Fla. checked his voicemail and heard a message from the driver who had just delivered his pizza.

Accidentally, the bus driver butt-dialed the customer (black), and unleashed a slew of slurs about the customer and his wife to an encouraging co-worker.

The driver burst in song with a fantastic rendition "The Marriage of Figaro," which he re-branded the  "The Marriage of Nigger-RO" along with a long diatribe of hard to discern nonsense. The Papa John's employee appeared to be having the time of his life and his co-worker shared his enthusiasm.

The customer posted a video of the voice mail online and Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has since offered a "heartfelt apology" on Facebook. Obviously, the driver and his co-worker have been fired.

One thing is for certain, being no stranger to such outbursts from its customers, Papa John's should add the Nigger-rita XL Pizza to it's menu as a 'staff pick."

Video: Racist Papa John’s Pizza Man Butt Dials Customer With N-Word Rant (NSFW - contains racial slurs)


Garcis Racist to Tiger Woods, fried chicken
Sergio Garcia (left) and mortal enemy Tiger Woods (right).

Well actually, Sergio Garcia will NOT apologize to Tiger Woods yet...but if if he did, he'd make sure Wood's felt at home by offering him fried chicken.

According to The Guardian's Ewan Murray, Garcia was at the European Tour's gala players' awards dinner, where he was asked a question about Woods.

His answer could be construed as a racist remark by everyone except the author of this article:

"Garcia was asked in jest if he would have the American round for dinner one night during the upcoming US Open. "We will have him round every night," Garcia said. "We will serve fried chicken."

Garcia apologized, calling his comment "silly remark" and claiming that it was never meant to be interpreted in a "racist manner." The truth is, Garcia probably wasn't thinking when he said it.

This latest spat is as a result of an incident at the Player's Championship earlier this month. As Garcia was getting ready to play his second shot, he heard a raucous applause for Woods as he attempted to play himself out of the woods 50 yards away. Garcia claims Woods engineered this sequence of events to deliberately distract him while Woods claims that field marshals had told him Garcia had already played his shot. The marshals have equivocated on the issue.

Was Garcia being racist to Woods? Yes, according to most people.

Garcia genuinely dislikes Woods and there is plenty of history between the two golfers. I said something racist and didn't mean for you all to construe it that way is not an excuse. If you dislike someone and all you can come up with off-the-cuff are quasi-racist quips then that is telling in and of itself.

It's OK to dislike someone and be angry with them but there is a lexicon of vocabulary and jabs you can make that don't refer to obtuse, race-related stereotypes. What's Garcia gonna do next? Throw a banana at Woods and then expect us not to interpret it as racist? 

UPDATE: Woods: Garcia's fried chicken jibe 'wrong, hurtful and inappropriate'

Oklahoma Tornado Videos

The devastating Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

At least 24 casualties, including children, were reported after a swarm of at least 28 tornadoes ravaged parts of the Midwest, including Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa. Here are a view videos of the magnificent but deadly spectacle.

Video Reportedly Captures Tornado Forming In Newcastle, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Tornado Fury on May 19th,2013 Shawnee, OK

Rope Tornado, Viola, KS

Footage: Tornadoes Hit Plains, Midwest, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa

May 19, 2013 Tornado Edmond, Oklahoma

Powerful, photogenic tornado from extreme close range! Western Kansas

South African Man Charges Wild Elephant
Drunk ranger about to square-off with Wild African Elephant.

Johannesburg, South Africa - A safari guide at Kruger National Park rushed on foot towards a wild African Elephant while fellow guides whooped and laughed. The guide is suspected to have been drunk. The bravado was posted online and the ranger was obviously fired by his employer Singita Safari Lodge.

South Africa: Man charges elephant(video).

In North Carolina a family was apprehended by authorities for taking to the streets sans clothing.

The nude ensemble included a woman in her 20s, a toddler aged-child and "a mother", aged in her 40s .The younger woman was also carrying a new-born baby who we also presume was naked.

The family appeared to be enjoying their stroll but The Police took exception to it and put a halt to proceedings, which is when the adults informed them they were simply following God's instructions. One of many seemingly petty commands God has been issuing lately.

"The Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street," police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg told the Charlotte Observer.

The adults were mentally and physically evaluated but "it didn't appear that they had any problems short of [the fact] that they didn't have any clothes on," police told the Observer. Child Protective Services were notified of this event.

At least nobody asked any one to chop off their penis but maybe that is because they weren't any around! 

Naked Family Walks Down Street, Says God Told Them To: Cops (video).


Drunk BBC Radio DJ Paula White
"BBC Radio Stoke host Paula White, who has filled the station's afternoon slot with "guests, chat and outlook on life" for the past six years, was unceremoniously pulled off the air during her final program over concerns she was drunk on the job."

White, had been slurring her speech for 30 minutes before a listener questioned her Sobriety.

"I'm not drunk. I've had a couple of drinks, but I'm not drunk." she replied.

White's reply was one of the internationally recognized answers that people who are definitely drunk definitely give. In any event, her retort and behavior was enough for her higher-ups to yank her from her final show and replace her with fellow DJ Denholm Siergertz who we presume was more sober than she.

"Paula has done so much for the community that I think it would be unfair if she was to be remembered for something like this," said her friend, Sentinel columnist Fred Hughes, defending her otherwise commendable 16-year career.

Veteran BBC Host Taken Off the Air During Last Show for Being Drunk (audio).

Ehhhhh, 16 years of service? Have few on your final day, you deserve that much! #pension